1. To enforce and implement policies and principles framed  by the Central Authority (National Legal Services Authority) under the provisions of the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987Act.
  2. To propagate Legal Services activities and make accessible of  Legal Servcies Schemes framed under the Act to the masses by adopting the most effective and economical means such as Legal Awareness Programmes, Door-to-Door Campaign, Outreach Programmes, Melas/Exhibition Stall, Print & Electronic Media etc.
  3. To provide free Legal Assistance & Legal Services to persons who satisfy the criteria laid down under the Act.
  4. To organize and conduct Lok Adalat (People’s Court) at regular intervals to benefit the citizens with the privilege of  settling their disputes at free of cost.
  5. To utilize the Legal Services Fund at its disposal and allocate sufficient Fund to District Legal Services Authorities for carrying out Legal Services Programmes & policies.
  6. To facilitate and extend settlement of dispute by means of negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration.
  7. To organised Legal Services Camp at rural areas and unreached parts of the State with the purpose of educating the weaker sections of the society on their Rights, entitlement and Legal provisions and to empower them by connecting them to Government welfare Schemes
  8. To act as converging nodes with catalytic roles among the Government Departments, Non-Governmental voluntary social Services institution, universities, schools & colleges, village functionaries and other bodies engaged in the work of promoting the cause of uplifting the marginalized people with the goal to ensure “Access to Justice for all” by protecting and safeguarding their rights.
  9. To promote and encourage commitment to the fundamental duties of the citizens, targeting the younger generations by way of organizing extempore speech competition, painting competition, easy Competition, rallies and street plays.
  10. To carry out operational work for monitoring and evaluation on the implementation of Legal Services Programmes and schemes at the grassroots level.
  11. To setup Legal Services Clinic at various levels such as Villages, Schools & colleges, Jails, community centers, etc.  and maintain its functioning.